The binding is the assembly of a book joining sheets or pages between two covers by different techniques.

Whether you are looking to preserve a first edition that has been kept in the family for generations, want to organize your notes, or want to develop a new custom binding, Raima puts at your disposal the materials and tools you need for both restoration and for a new creation, from practical rings to glues and threads of various types.

The binding has come a long way since its inception in the second century with the Coptic binding, developed by the Christian Egyptians; or of the old Persian empires, where they revered it as an art form of the first order, until the times of the industrial revolution in which it began to be commercialized to allow the access of the masses to the written word. The binding has changed and continues to change.

Bookbinding as a hobby and craft

The binding by hand as a hobby is in full resurgence, due to DIY movement, crafting and scrapbooking. Although for years it was much less common than it used to be, for people who like to work with their hands, creating books manually can be a pleasant and rewarding experience. It is an excellent way to relax and use your free time.

You can make your books with the same passion that artisans used in the past, before art became industrialized and later digitized.

Recover that lost art, create your own books or make precious and original gifts. Decorate the covers as you wish to add your personal touch.

Types of manual binding

At the time of binding you should consider several aspects: the size of the sheet, the number, the material, the style, etc. There are different types of binding that you can adapt to your tastes and needs.

  • Book type binding: it is the most traditional form, ideal for formal documents. It uses rigid and thick covers and, to join the leaves to the spine, usually thread and glue is used.
  • Binding with screws: hard covers are used with screws.
  • Binding with thread: it consists in the perforation of each one of the leaves. You can choose where to place the union points.
  • Binding with rings: it consists of perforating the leaves to place the rings, allowing their opening with great ease.
  • Spine binding: consists of creating a central spine on which each leaf is stuck.
  • Coptic binding: the sewing technique is used. It is suitable for work of any size and thickness.
  • Japanese binding: no back, the leaves and lids are sewn together. Perfect for notebooks and scrapbooks.

Materials for binding in Raima

For all these types of binding and many more, Raima offers you the widest range of instruments and materials:

Synthetic, wood and bone folding machines. A good folding is a sine qua non condition to facilitate the whole process and obtain a good result; glues, including special white glue for binding; nylon threads, kraft, paper rope, elastic band, laces, bridles; rings and screws; caps in different colors and sizes, cardboard sheets, fabric and lining papers; corners of assorted colors; casings of various sizes and much more.

We wait for you in Raima!