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    Set contains: - Parallel Pen. - Cover pen. - 2 Ink Cartridges (red and blue) - A expliacativo booklet. - Ink Cleaner i tip. Get writing crisp produce. By transferring the ink in a pen you can mix two different colors of ink and create attractive colors with a beautiful graduated effect. Pen available in: 1.5 mm; 2.5mm; 3.8 mm and 6 mm.

    13,85 €
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    Specially designed for writing and calligraphy, Izink Calli & Co renews the genre with a broad and contemporary graphic to attract enthusiasts and beginners.

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Do you want to learn calligraphy?

Calligraphy is the art of writing the signs of a language with beautiful, artistic and correctly formed words. Learn the technique of writing and turn it into an art!

Despite the increasing proliferation of Apps that organize our lives and store our files in clouds, the pen resurfaces against the keys. Nothing can be compared to a letter or a handwritten card with beautiful letters, reflecting in them your personal and original brand, to send to your family and friends.

The art of calligraphy has managed to survive thanks to its aesthetic and everything that is capable of projecting on the person who writes, without mediating any machinery. Learning calligraphy encourages people to pay more attention, to concentrate on the crafts they make and, consequently, to increase their self-esteem and respect for others.

Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is traditionally considered the eldest form of scripture that exists today. That is why the Chinese culture, with its visual beauty and techniques, as well as its metaphysical precepts, influence calligraphy a lot.

In China, calligraphy has experienced an incredible development and is enjoyed as in no other country in the world. For example: the first picture that is taken to the newborn children in the family album, shows congratulations written with brush and ink on the part of the relatives and friends. At weddings, the trousseau is embroidered with words in calligraphy style, and a myriad of traditions reflect it.

Did you know that, in China, a good doctor is measured by his good handwriting? So much, actually, that to become official, more emphasis is placed on calligraphy than on the exam!

In China there are several parameters to measure the quality of calligraphy. For example: the legibility of the characters, that they are concise, the order in which they are written, that they agree with the rhythm and their aesthetics are also highly valued.

Western calligraphy develops in a totally different way

In the Middle Ages the monks wrote on parchment and in parallel, the Islamic culture developed its own calligraphy based on the Arabic alphabet. It is interesting to note that, due to the religious prohibition of representing living beings, it becomes an art of much use in architecture.

The pen and then the typewriters and computers have collaborated in the disappearance of calligraphy in our daily lives; after the invention of the printing press, the books begin to spread in such a way that the calligraphy begins to lose importance.

Nowadays, thanks to technology and despite the fact that the original letters have been copied as digital sources, calligraphy has once again had a very special place in our everyday life.

All the materials you need to practice calligraphy are in Raima

In Raima we are specialists in stationery materials, so in our store you will find everything you need to practice calligraphy: special papers, brushes, markers, etc.

This is a sample of what you will find in this section:

  • Aladine calligraphy ink.
  • Fountain Pens Pilot.
  • Feathers.

Do not waste any more time and acquire the best products to start learning and enjoy the art of calligraphy.