Scrapbooking is the art of saving your most special memories in the form of a scrapbook, in a variety of styles that can be as wide as you wish. Photos, calendars, diaries, postcards, posters, collections, tickets, tickets, recipes, news, newspaper clippings, reflections, ideas ... in short, everything that is important to you can keep it in your scrapbook.

Scrapbooking as art

Scrapbooking is a free art and each scrapbook is a work in which you develop your own style and define your purpose; you organize what you want to include, decide if you will focus on a single idea, if your designs will be double-page or single and their size; you decide if the style of your album will be simple or more elaborate; romantic, minimalist, baroque, or gothic; if your scrapbook will have the shape of a bound book, or if you will keep the pages loose or hanging on the walls.

However, there is a common element in all scrapbook pages: they tell a story. Whether in the form of chronological narration or visual montage of thematic type, a scrapbook is a story and the art of Scrapbooking looks for fun ways and tools to tell those stories better, organizing unique and memorable moments from the past that will later be valued also by future generations.

Create beautiful complete albums to preserve your memories of important events such as births, birthdays, engagements, weddings and anniversaries, commemorations and vacations; or from memorable times like the years of school, college, or the golden years after retirement.

What do you need to start a scrapbook?

Raima presents a wide assortment of materials to decorate and decorate both the pages and the covers of your scrapbook.

  • Your memorabilia (the set of memories you want to incorporate into your scrapbook) is the main element.
  • To personalize the covers of your scrapbook, you can cover them with decorative felts, fabric papers or natural texture.
  • To decorate the pages of the album, you can use pieces of wrapping paper as backgrounds for photos, pieces and smaller cuts and to make pockets.
  • Ink stamps with colorful or metallic inks are great for adding words, numbers or artistic details.
  • Adhesive decorative ribbons are ideal for framing photographs.

Scrapbooking materialsat Raima in Barcelona

  • Crispy decorative ribbons
  • Mark's and Apli colored adhesive tapes
  • Adhesive textile tape cotton vichy Innspiro
  • Pepin Gift Papers
  • Paper Pads by Graphic 45
  • Decorative, fabric, natural textured and Raima gift papers
  • Stamperia decorative felts
  • Aladine IZINK ink and pigment pads, basic and metallic colors
  • Paint for Aladine's IZINK fabrics and applicator nozzles
  • Copper calligraphy ink
  • Aladine rubber stamps: letters inspired by the Arabic alphabet.
  • Sets of stamps for children.
  • Raima vinyl plate for engraving

Scrapbooking is a visual record of our journey through life, a way to preserve our memories and our history, and to give future generations a valuable window to their roots. Raima offers you all the materials you will need to create memorable pieces that you will always treasure.