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The Polychromos pencils from Faber-Castell are internationally known, both by professionals and amateurs, thanks to their extraordinary quality.

Their pigments shine equally used in free compositions or in creative interpretations of reality. It does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur, the Polychromos color pencils from Faber-Castell will make you fall in love with the art of coloring. Its oil-based mines, soft and resistant to water and light, do not smudge or discolor.

They do not contain acids nor are they toxic. For the quality of their materials, these pencils do not break and you can sharpen them until you get a very thin tip, ideal to achieve the greatest detail in your drawings.

Artistic expression with Faber Castell's Polychromos

The name Polychromos, meaning "many colors", comes from Ancient Greece. Introduced in 1908 by Faber-Castell, today, the name still represents the best quality of its kind. The Polychromos color pencils by Faber-Castell are loved by professionals all over the world.

Their incomparable quality makes them ideal for graphic arts, artistic expression and coloring. Faber-Castell quality standards are applied throughout the manufacturing process. The use of optimal materials, combined with the long experience of Faber-Castell, makes Polychromos color pencils difficult to break, resistant to light, waterproof, with lots of pigmentation and soft application. By using these crayons, today's illustrations can be seen with the same color intensity within many years.

Characteristics of Faber Castell color pencils

  • Polychromos color pencils by Faber-Castell are round, comfortable to manipulate, made of cedar wood from sustainable forests.
  • 3.8 mm thick mine in oil base attached to the wood to prevent it from breaking, so these pencils tend to last much longer.
  • Smooth and intense strokes.
  • Easy to apply due to its softness.
  • High-end pigments, bright colors and high resistance to light.
  • Fantastic color intensity.
  • Resistant to rubbing and water.
  • High breaking strength due to the gluing process SV.
  • Different presentations in cases of different number of pieces.
  • Wide range of colors.
  • Erasable up to 90% with a soft rubber.
  • Certificates as non-toxic.

Some tips to take advantage of all their benefits


If you place the pencil in almost horizontal position and press lightly, the result will be a very even color area. The individual strokes will not be visible.


Because light colors are transparent and dark colors are opaque, when combined by superposition, they become more intense and more vivid.

Saturated colors

If you want areas with very intense colors, you should place the pencil almost vertically and apply force in the application.


You can use them on different materials, such as paper, cardboard, wood, stone, leather and metal. If you draw on colored paper, it will create a very interesting effect.

The paper must be acid free