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    Superior quality color pen.Stroke width: 0.5 to 1 mmAvailable in different vibrant colorsWater Based Ink Light resistantMetal tube edding design with 10 markers 

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    Superior quality color pen.Stroke width: 0.5 to 1 mmAvailable in different vibrant colorsWater Based Ink Light resistantMetal box with 10 markers 

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  • 19,30 €

    Stroke width: up to 3 mmNib: bullet nibMetal box with 20 coloursReady to use immediatelyInk: water-based inkReplacement nibs: no

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Whether you are a professional drawing artist or a beginner wanting to explore and express your creativity, do not miss the opportunity to know the Edding 1200 and 1300 markers, a perfect combination.

They are ideal for writing, labeling, drawing, making layouts and fashion design. Its water-based ink is very resistant to light and its wide range of colors make them ideal for creative writing, drawing and coloring.


The Edding Pens 1200 and 1300 are comfortable and easy to use. Its rounded fiber tip slides effortlessly on light paper, postcards or printed cards to which we want to add some personal message. Its ink, made with water-based pigments, stays liquid for much longer and is odorless. It does not drip or stain, and it offers a very lasting result.

The Edding 1200 marker, with its finest tip, provides a firmer and more consistent stroke, perfect for writing postcards, for example, or making drawings and sketches, all with a choice of 24 colors.

The Edding marker 1300, with a slightly thicker tip, allows more generous strokes, very easily applicable, with a spectacular palette of 40 colors that enhances the quality of the painting by hand on small pieces. One of the best features is that it can also be used in larger format works.

Characteristics of EDDING 1200 and 1300 Colourpens markers

Edding 1200 markers

Fiber tip pens perfect for writing, taking notes, drawing and sketching. Its water-based ink is highly resistant to the action of light. The markers can be moistened with water and used as a watercolor before drying on the treated surface. Available in a range of 24 intense colors in several presentations. They are ideal for professional use, in the office, at school or at home. Rounded tip with a line thickness of 0.5 to 1 mm. It is a marker of superior quality, ready to be used when removing the cap.

Product sheet:

  • Stroke thickness: 0.5-1 mm
  • Tip: rounded (bullet type)
  • Available in 24 colors
  • Water-based ink
  • High resistance to light

Edding 1300 markers

Markers of excellent quality, with a rounded tip of fiber, ideal for writing, drawing and coloring on light material and cardboard, both in small format, such as cards, calendars, hand-painted labels, and for larger formats, such as landscapes and still lifes, for example. The pigments of the marker ink are made from water with high resistance to light. The ink is watercolorable when wet with water before drying on the same surface. Its average stroke is approximately 2mm. The Edding 1300 markers are available in several presentations in a spectacular palette of 40 colors.

Product sheet:

  • Stroke thickness: up to 3 mm
  • Tip: rounded (bullet type)
  • Available in 40 colors
  • Use: immediate
  • Ink: water based
  • High resistance to light

As can be seen, the difference between the Edding 1200 and 1300 markers is basically the thickness of their tips, which in turn determines the characteristics of the stroke.