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Calligraphy has been defined as the art of writing beautifully, with artistic writing and correctly formed. If you are passionate about writing where abstract expression can be more important than the readability of letters, nowadays you have it at your fingertips thanks to the fact that you can count on a modern and practical writing instrument: the Edding 1255.

This highlighter stands out for its quality and versatility. It has a square-cut fiber tip and its water-based pigmented ink, which makes it resistant to water and light, with the added value of not staining or penetrating the paper.

The marker pen Edding 1255 is made for the use and enjoyment of contemporary calligraphers, both professional and amateur.

Elegance and creativity with Edding 1255

The evolution of calligraphy is fascinating, especially if we think of cave paintings, hieroglyphics, stones and clay tablets carved with a chisel, on papyrus, on parchment or on instruments such as a golden eagle or vulture feather. tawny. Western calligraphy has its origin in the Latin alphabet, with which in the Middle Ages the copyist monks wrote on parchment.

From then until the invention of the printing press, its evolution was linked to the history of European culture and is parallel to that of the artistic currents themselves: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Flemish. The beauty and elegance of handwriting has always been very well considered and can be appreciated today in handwritten invitations, diplomas, commemorative documents and many other samples of the artisanal form of this art.

Edding 1255 markers are the modern solution for both beginners and professional calligraphers, who value a simple and effective tool, guarantor of a job well done.

Characteristics of the pen for calligraphy Edding 1255

The Edding 1255 calligraphy marker has a fiber tip similar to a chisel, which allows you to obtain the curved lines required by calligraphy. To do this, the marker should always be held at the same angle. It is available in three different stroke widths: 2 mm, 3.5 mm and 4 mm, stable and clean; It is sold in three-piece cases, containing each of the three available thicknesses, each case in one of its five vibrant colors: black, dark brown, crimson red, bottle green and steel blue.

Suitable for writing on clear paper, terracotta cardboard, wood, canvas. It does not require any type of preparation, so it can be used immediately. Its ink made with water-based pigments is resistant to light and water; It does not stain, it does not shine or penetrate the paper. For the best conservation and optimization of its durability, make sure that the cap is always correctly positioned; store always in horizontal position. The Edding 1255 pen is disposable. It can not be filled with ink or replace the tip, so it is recommended to verify that the cap that prevents ink drying, and the safety lock, are always correctly placed.