• 151,95 €

    Hole punch for paper finished in nickel-plated copper and bright chrome plating. Manufactured in steel and polished by hand. Distance between holes: 80mm. Dimensions: 115 x 109 x 77 mm. Presented in a black box with lined interior.

    151,95 €
  • 122,60 €

    It comes with a serrated blade to facilitate cutting of the tape exactly to size. After each cut, the tape remains adhered to the surface of the sheet. Among the cutting blade and roller seat leaves a space in which the band remains virtually always deployed and easy to understand.

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  • 93,15 €

    Table top stapler with black finishes and copper nickel and bright chrome plating. Made of steel and zamak (zinc alloy with aluminium, magnesium and copper). Staple up to 25 sheets. Depth of paper input: 50mm. Load capacity: 50 staples. Includes 1 case of El Casco nº22 staples. Dimensions: 115 x 51 x 95 mm. Presented in a black box with lined interior.

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  • 348,15 €

    Pencil sharpener with suction cup base and black chrome. Made of steel and zamak hand polished lacquer. Plated copper, nickel chromium. Possibility of sharp type selection. Box cedar. Dimensions 110 x 110 x 150 mm. Presented in an elegant cardboard box lined.

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  • 54,95 €

    Aluminum stapler with base for stapling in complex locations. Capacity for 50 staples model 22/6 or 24/6. Three forms of staple closure.

    54,95 €
  • 11,35 €

    Chromed zinc-plated lever remover, this finish protects against oxidation and corrosion.

    11,35 €
  • 6,95 €

    Transparent color punch hole.Smart and practical design.Punches up to 10 sheets.Dimensions: 43x110x60 mm

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  • 6,95 €

    Transparent tape dispenser.Smart and practical design.Ideal for both office and domestic use.Dimensions: 55x131x50 mmMaterial: Acrylic

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