• 59,95 €

    POSCA PASTEL are wax colours with a special formula that makes them different from other oil pastel on the market, allowing a wide range of colour expression, from the subtle touch of colour to maximum deep coverage, it can also be easily mixed With other colours. Depending on the writing angle, the stroke is 0.6, 1 and 8 mm.

    59,95 €
  • 89,95 €

    POSCA PENCIL is an oil-coloured pencil, created with the combination of a pigment and high-grade wax, providing a smooth and fluid writing experience, brightly coloured and light-resistant. When painting with intensity there is no shine, giving a fine finish. It can be used on canvas.

    89,95 €
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There is no other like it: wax colors, bright and light-resistant. POSCA PASTEL is so versatile that it can be used on almost any surface: paper, glass, metal, wood or stone.

 The new formula of wax and oil allows a wide expression of color from a small light line to a deep coverage and as if that were not enough, each of the colors complements very well with the others providing a uniform finish without nuances.

 In the store and Raima online, you will find boxes of 24 different colors ranging from coral pink, light pink, pastel green, to orange, purple, pastel yellow and sky blue.

 If you are looking for a drawing with expression, full of color, choose the incredible POSCA PASTEL, a unique piece of the Uniball family.


The spectacular POSCA oil color pencils are a unique combination between impressive pigments and high-intensity wax that will give you a sensational experience of supremely smooth and fluid writing. And what's about the canvas? It provides unequaled results with an oil painting effect. An excellent ending without any kind of shine even when you are painting too much.


Dare you to bet on a variety of amazing tones and let the colors mix with nuances and contrasts that will never be achieved with other pencils. The POSCA PENCIL will captivate you from the first plot due to its quality, sophisticated design and magnificent results! Acquire your boxes of twelve different colors in RAIMA online.