There was s omething missing in Barcelona, the city of design. On 2 September 1986, Raima became the first specialist stationer’s to offer a service to design professionals. For this, we chose a unique building: a historical nineteenth-century house on the popular Carrer Condal, right in the heart of Barcelona’s gothic quarter.

However, our story had already begun a few years before:

1979. We founded La Carpeta, the origins of a group that just wouldn’t stop growing.
1986. Raima was created, a true emblem of Barcelona.
1989. We opened the second floor of the Raima store on Carrer Condal, doubling its overall size.
1990. We established the “Raima Illustration Competition” to promote and reward the work created by professionals.
1995. The second Raima store was opened on Carrer Déu i Mata, next to the L’illa Diagonal shopping mall.
2010. We opened Artesania Catalunya. 100% hand made products, all made in Catalonia.

Today’s stationery world is a different place. Large companies have a monopoly over the market. Raima, one of the main names in traditional stationers, has only one way of maintaining its leading position: offering you quality, service and innovation, values which have been with us right from the start.